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JOHN McDERMOTT, along with his special guests, will host a memorable tribute of music, performance and pageantry in honour of Veterans and Service Personnel in the wondrous Yorkminster Park Baptist Church.

November 5, 2018, 7:00pm
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1585 Yonge Street, Toronto (2 blocks north of St. Clair Avenue on the NE corner of Yonge and Heath) MAP

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The Toronto Artillery Foundation

A proud history of service

Service to Canada and our fellow Canadians comes in many forms. Perhaps the most poignant form is service in the Canadian Armed Forces. Through the time of its predecessors whose battle Honours include the War of 1812, the Artillery in Toronto has been serving York, Toronto, Canada and her allies in war and peace for over 200 years. Tens of thousands of Toronto’s Artillery soldiers (colloquially called “Gunners”) have stepped forward to serve our community and Canada. The successor of all the Gunner units in Toronto is our 7th Toronto Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery a regiment of 150 Reservists, volunteering to serve their country. Since 1978 the Toronto Artillery Foundation has been supporting the soldiers of 7th Toronto Regiment, their families, associated Cadet Corps’ and all Gunners, serving, retired and veterans in the Greater Toronto Area.

Working Hard 2016The men and women of 7th Toronto Regiment have proudly and often valiantly represented Canada on missions here in Canada and abroad. The War of 1812 to 1814, the Mackenzie Rebellion, both World Wars I and II, the Cold War, as well missions in the Former Republic of Yugoslavia and Afghanistan have all seen soldiers from either the Independent Artillery Company in 1814 or in the 20th and 21st century the 7th Toronto Regiment representing Canada, often in the most dire of circumstances. In numerous peacekeeping missions around the world, and humanitarian missions such as Haiti, the Philippines and most recently Nepal, the Regiment has always provided selfless Canadians who have answered the call of duty. Throughout the Regiment's long history, many have made the supreme sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy today.

Working Hard 2016200 years of firepowerThe 7th Toronto Regiment is comprised of men and women who are voluntary Reservists. They see serving their country as a noble calling which demands a significant level of dedication and devotion not only to the Regiment, but to all Canadians. To do this while having a full time career or being a student is an impressive act of patriotism. The ongoing extensive training and regular weekly duty embraced by Reservists means a level of commitment to excellence in technical and leadership skills, and an unwavering devotion to a military ethos of which their fellow Canadians can be truly proud.

Service in the Regiment not only means devotion to Canada, but also to the greater Regimental Family consisting of the family members of serving soldiers, and our veterans who have gone before. The Toronto Artillery Foundation seeks to meet the needs of the “Regimental Family” in Toronto and has done so successfully since 1979. Support to serving and veteran members of the Regiment through special leadership training and events, family days, re-enactor and musical groups, bursaries, flowers at funerals for retired members and families, and care packages for those serving overseas are but a few of the causes that the Foundation supports. The Foundation has also supported those who have been wounded or injured in their service to Canada.

Diamond Jubilee Winners
Lt Governor On The Guns
The Toronto Artillery Foundation Band

The Regiment and the Toronto Artillery Foundation are deeply grateful to the many fine Canadians who stand by our goals of enabling our soldiers, serving and retired to do their best to serve our country, and to provide the means to do so for the Regiment and its veterans.

The Toronto Artillery Foundation provides a way for all Canadians to "serve" and we welcome the support of all Canadians for everything the Regiment and the Foundation stand for.



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